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Toy Drops

This is the whole point!  We deliver toys to duPont several times per year!  You should see the look on a child’s face when the receive a toy!  They are so happy for this break from the needles, surgeries, infusions, pain and fear that they endure every day.

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Kids will be Kids

This image was taken prior to Tommy’s final checkup while in treatment.  He stopped because it started to rain lightly and he wanted to catch a raindrop on his tongue.

This was such a normal thing for a kid to do and that is our goal.  To let kids be kids, despite the enormous challenges they are facing.

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Tommy’s Gifts for Kids also has a mission to help support our cause financially, when we can.  Here we committed donated funds to our IV Car initiative.  This is an ongoing effort to bring cars with mounted IV poles to duPont.  We are currently working with paid and volunteer Engineers to bring this program to fruition.

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Tommy’s Gifts for Kids has a number of events each year, which help us collect Toys for Kids in Treatment for Cancer at A.I. duPont Nemours Hospital in Wilmington, De.  This is where Tommy was treated for Leukemia.

Pictured here, Tommy is collecting toys at Hillcrest Elementary School in Drexel Hill, PA.  Tommy attended Hillcrest while he was in treatment and they have been extremely supportive of our cause.  This was at the 2017 “Kid Bingo” event.

Another annual event is the Yahtzee Nation Tournament of Champions.  Here we raise funds to support TG4K as well as receive toys.  We also do a toy drop the day prior to the event as part of the Tradition.

Finally we enlist Companies in the Delaware County and Delaware Valley Region who hold Toy Drives at their respective offices.  Keeping our reserves is critical.  When we “get the call” we deliver toys to duPont within a week’s time!


Collecting Toys for Kids with Cancer

How can you Help?

Funny you should ask!  We would love cash donations, donations of Toys, or for you to volunteer to run a toy drive in your neighborhood or at your place of employment.

Thank you!